Papa's Freezeria

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Great wages and lots of tips? Who would not want to take a trip to paradise? Like all Papa Louie games, Papas Freezeria makes players responsible for all shop upgrades. Play as Alberto or Penny as you drown in mixables, such as Nutty Butter Cups and Creameo Bits, or toppings, such as Gummy Onions or Tropical Charms.

Like other Papa Louie Games, you have different stations:

  • The Build Station is where you work the mixables and the syrups.
  • The Mix Station is where you blend the freezer sundaes.
  • The Toppings Station is where you add the toppings and any extras to the freezer sundaes.

Watch in horror as an entire ship pulls up full of customers coming to a tropical island for the sole purpose of visiting Papas Freezeria. Unfortunately, Papa himself is off to his next adventure, and it is up to you to take control of the shop until Papa’s inevitable return.

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