Knife Spin

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In Knife Spin, you get to show how accurate your aim is! Grab your knives, but be careful not to cut yourself. Featuring multiple levels to complete, prepare yourself to stab the plank just in the right place!

Don't try this at home! In this game, your objective is to pass each level by destroying spinning round planks around you. To start the game, pick one of the 2 modes. The first one is the classic mode where you try to complete levels by breaking planks into pieces. The second one is the endless mode, in which you try to destroy as many planks as you can to earn a high score. To pass the levels of the classic mode, you should complete 4 stages. On each level, you start with three lives and lose one when you miss the plank. Keep an eye out for different fruits that spawn randomly. Slicing those will give you rapid speed. Hitting dynamites will also destroy the plank they're on with one hit. At the top of the screen, you can track your progress, lives, and the level you're in. Try your best to make your each throw count, and earn the highest score you can get!

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