Backflip Dive 3D

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Have you tested your capabilities to backflip? With Backflip Dive 3D you can finally do that and it's a very impressive, unique experience for you to enjoy. In this game you have the unique opportunity to test the adrenalin levels that come from just jumping from a crazy height and trying to land as fast as possible. The game tests your capabilities and it brings in front creative ideas, all while pushing the boundaries and making you perfect your flips.

As you do a backflip you will always try to get the best score and reach the middle. If you do that, you will win the level and move on. Backflip Dive 3D has multiple cool levels to choose from, each one with intense mechanics and fun ideas. If you are very passionate about testing out your skills this offers an incredible way to do that. The gameplay is very immersive and you will try yourself replaying levels more and more.

Plus, in case you are stuck on a level, you can use the credits you acquired to just move on to the next level. How good are you at backflipping? Let's find out!

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