Noob vs Pro: Armageddon

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Welcome to Noob vs Pro Unblocked. Go through the game full of unexpected twists to kill the cheater and find the pro. Complete deadly trials with traps. Addictive gameplay: hit zombies and skeletons with an AK-47 assault rifle and a Bazooka, earn hard coins. 2,000,000 players who played previous games about Noob vs Pro. Prove that it is you who can defeat the damned Cheater! Caves and deserts hide traps. Explore the world in which the story of Noob, Pro and Cheater takes place.


  • Arrow keys
  • Z - Up
  • X - Fire
  • Space - (TNT, AK-47, Bazooka Fire)
  • ะก - Super Bomb / Inventory
  • V - Sword
  • B - AK-47
  • N - Bazooka
  • M - Maps
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