City Car Stunt 3

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City Car Stunt 3 is the 3rd instalment of the City Car Stunt gaming franchise. Explore 6 new tracks as you drive your new ride. Unlock new cars as you play more levels and race against the time to win.

The continuation of the popular City Car Stunt game series, City Car Stunt 3, features better physics engine - making crashes more realistic than before. This game features two different game modes, and each game mode can be played in singleplayer, or two-person multiplayer mode where the screen will be split into two. The first game mode, Racing, is your time-attack mode. The goal is to reach the finish line before time runs out. There will be 6 courses for this mode - and each course has a different time allowance. The second game mode is called Free Driving. In this mode, you are free to roam wherever inside the large area filled with many infrastructures such as loops and ramps. There are seven awesome vehicles in City Car Stunt 3. Each car has its own unique properties such as acceleration and top speed. However, these properties are hidden and you'll have to find it out for yourself. Most of the cars will be locked at first, and you'll have to finish certain objectives to unlock them.

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