Among Us Single Player

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Because Among Us single-player wasn't meant to actually be possible in the game's systems, this version of Among Us always has the player becoming the Impostor. This is great news for people who prefer playing an Impostor in Among Us every time, but it can also get repetitive. For those people hoping to play as a Crewmate in Among Us' single-player, this may be disappointing news. A lot of people are asking KlopityL for Crewmate options, so it could possibly happen in a future update.

Created in Construct 3, the single-player Among Us still looks a lot like the actual game from InnerSloth. The usual Impostor moves are still intact, and it's still important not to let the AI Crewmates catch on to who's really killing them. It's unlikely original developer InnerSloth will ever implement a single-player mode into their game, since it changes so much of what made Among Us popular in the first place. So, this fan-made version may be the closest people ever get to experiencing Among Us solo.

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