Burger Bounty

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You want to know what it’s like to run your own burger joint? Well, now you can! Burger Bounty is a simulation game where you play as the owner and, at the beginning, the only member of the team! Slowly build up your restaurant by adding more tables, foods and team members until you have a fully functioning (and profitable) eatery! But don’t take your eye off the customers, if you leave them waiting for too long they will leave and you don’t get paid! Upgrade your character to grow with the business and customise them so it really starts to feel like home.

Unlock and upgrade stations, hire waiters, and expand your restaurant! You can customize your burger joint by simply standing over the stations you want to unlock and upgrade. Once the fee is paid, that station gets unlocked or upgraded!

Burger Bounty offers the innovative feature of hoverboard transportation! Glide seamlessly around your restaurant, delivering orders, cleaning tables, and ensuring everything is running smoothly. This hoverboard is not just for show either; it can be upgraded for increased speed and better manoeuvrability, ensuring your restaurant’s efficiency stays at its peak!

The game also introduces the concept of "star customers", These hungry people love the delicious food you serve in your restaurant. Be warned, they are also more demanding and impatient! Satisfy these VIPs to earn more money and new opportunities.

Burger Bounty blends the fun of a time management game with the strategic elements of a business simulation, creating a unique gaming experience. Whether you’re a foodie at heart or an aspiring entrepreneur, this game offers something for everyone. Can you handle the heat and conquer the city’s culinary scene? Jump on your hoverboard and find out in Burger Bounty! Can you take over the city?

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